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How to Smoke Weed? Here are 5 Different Ways That Experts Suggest

Ever wanted to try smoking but didn’t know where to begin? Or ever wondered how to smoke weed online? With various methods and techniques to choose from—plus the increasing popularity and legalization of cannabis—we understand why you may be curious about joining the experience.

Hence, we created this complete guide to help you through the steps of how to smoke a joint, use a pipe or bong, and provide valuable tips along the way. By the end of this blog, you’ll have the confidence and the know-how to start a rewarding and enjoyable smoking experience.

Getting Ready to Smoke Weed

When preparing to smoke weed, approach the experience positively in a secure, comfortable environment. If you feel positive and safe, you’re in the right headspace. If you’re anxious, consider strains with lower THC or higher CBD to avoid amplifying those feelings.

Next, familiarize yourself with your cannabis components. Learning about cannabinoids and terpenes helps predict their effects. For instance, strains with more myrcene can help ease the pain.

Get your gear ready. Gather your grinder, flowers, papers, pre-rolled joints, and lighter. Using a bong? Don’t forget clean water. Always have a good amount of drinking water nearby—about 16 ounces—to counteract dry mouth and soothe any coughing.

And for absolute first-timers, your best bet would be to consult with a professional budtender. They can recommend beginner-friendly stains, advise on how much to use, and instruct on how to store your weed.

Also, choose a relaxed, familiar place for your first time. Do it with friends you trust. As for what to smoke, start with a joint, blunt, or bowl—bongs and dabs can be overwhelming initially. Clear your day’s schedule, too, as weed can make you too relaxed for everyday activities.

Lastly, have your favorite snacks ready. You’ll likely get hungry, so it’s safer (and cheaper) than driving to get food when you’re high.

What to Expect When Smoking Weed for the First Time?

Smoking weed for the first time is a unique experience. Initially, you might not feel anything. Not everyone gets high the first time because inhaling correctly takes practice. But once you do feel something, the feeling can range from euphoria to relaxation or increased sensitivity to colors and sounds.

Some people experience dry mouth, aka cottonmouth. Hence, keep that water handy. You might also get the “munchies,” an intense snack craving. Embrace this instead of fighting, and ensure your pantry is loaded before you start smoking.

Another common effect, they say, is gigging. Things might seem funnier, and you might laugh more than usual. Then there’s the “couch lock,” a feeling of heaviness that keeps you glued to your seat. This is why it’s recommended to clear your schedule.

However, note that everyone’s experience is different, and these effects depend largely on the strain you consume.

Here are the answers to your question about how to smoke weed –

How to Smoke a Joint?

Two hands rolling a joint filling weed inside it
  1. What is a joint?
    A joint is the weed equivalent of a cigarette—a roll of paper stuffed with ground cannabis flower. The paper is rolled into a tube or cone, often with a filter for improved airflow, especially if the paper becomes damp with saliva.
  2. Things You’ll Need
    You’ll need cannabis flower, rolling papers, a grinder to break up the bud, and—optionally—something to make a filter, like thick paper or cardboard. You can also use pre-made filters or reusable glass mouthpieces. Alternatively, you can buy a pre-rolled joint.
  3. Preparation
    Use a grinder to break your cannabis. Then, roll a filter out of stiff paper. This is optional, but it prevents clogging. Choose your rolling paper and evenly distribute the ground cannabis in the center. Roll and seal the joint.
  4. The Process
    Put the joint in your mouth, light it, and inhale gently to ensure proper burning. Don’t inhale too deeply initially to avoid coughing. After inhaling, hold the smoke in your lungs for a beat or two. This allows the THC to be absorbed. When smoking with others, the standard etiquette is “puff, puff, pass,” meaning you take two hits and then pass them on.

To extinguish, put the joint in a container that eliminates oxygen, causing it to snuff out. You can also use a pinch of paper or a drop of water. This method conserves cannabis for future use.

How to Smoke Weed with a Blunt?

A blunt filled with weed lies among cannabis flowers
  1. What is a Blunt?
    A blunt is like a cigar but filled with cannabis. Unlike a joint wrapped in paper, a blunt is rolled in a cigar or blunt wrap—typically made from tobacco. This can result in a smoother burn. However, remember that the presence of tobacco also introduces nicotine and other harmful substances.
  2. Things You’ll Need
    To roll a blunt, you’ll need a cigar or cigarillo, cannabis, a blade or blunt splitter to cut open the cigar, and—optionally, a grinder to break up the cannabis.
  3. Preparation
    Begin by slicing open the cigar lengthwise with your blade. Then, carefully remove the tobacco. If you’re using a blunt wrap, just unroll it. Next, moisten the wrap slightly with water or saliva to make it pliable.
  4. The Process
    Once your wrap is ready, evenly distribute your ground cannabis. Then, roll it into a tube, tuck the ends in, and moisten it again to secure the seal. To smoke, light one end while drawing gently on the other. Pace yourself, but be aware that tobacco may add nicotine to your session. This delivers a different buzz and may carry additional risks.

If you’re avoiding tobacco, stick to joints or other methods.

How to Smoke Weed From a Pipe?

Two hands holding a pipe that has weed in it.
  1. What is a Pipe?
    A pipe, sometimes referred to as a bowl, is a handheld smoking device with a bowl attached to a stem ending in a mouthpiece. It’s often made from glass, metal, silicone, or wood and comes in various shapes, sizes, colors, and designs. A pipe can be very portable, depending on its size.
  2. Things You’ll Need
    For smoking weed from a pipe, you’ll need your cannabis flower, a grinder to break up the flower, and—of course, the pipe itself. You’ll also need a lighter or matches.
  3. Preparation
    Start by breaking up your cannabis flower using a grinder until it’s in small bits. Once your weed is ready, fill the pipe bowl with the ground herb.
  4. The Process
    Hold the pipe in your hand with the mouthpiece facing you and a finger over the hole on the side of the bowl, also known as the “choke” or “carb.” Light the contents of your bowl while inhaling and covering the carb hole.

When you’re ready to inhale the smoke, let go of the carb hole. This changes the airflow, drawing the smoke through the bowl and into your lungs. After inhaling, release the smoke and pause for a bit before taking another hit. Repeat the process until you’ve achieved the desired effect.

How to Smoke a Bong?

Three transparent bongs on a brown table
  1. What is a bong?
    A bong is a water pipe used for smoking cannabis that offers a unique smoking experience by cooling the smoke with water for a smoother inhale. Bongs come in various materials like glass, silicone, ceramic, and even plastic or metal. You’ll find a bowl for your weed, a downstem area that holds water, and a mouthpiece. The removable bowl is crucial to the process.
  2. Things You’ll Need
    For a bong session, prepare a grinder, a lighter, the bong, and the cannabis. If you’re a novice starting small, consider a bubbler—a hybrid of a pipe and a bong.
  3. Preparation
    First, fill the bong with clean water. The water not only cools the smoke but also filters out excess resin for cleaner, smoother hits. Then, grind your cannabis and pack the bowl tightly.
  4. The Process
    Hold the bong and place your lips on the mouthpiece. As you light the bowl, simultaneously take a slow inhale. Once the chamber fills with smoke, cease ignition. Next, pull out the bowl from its stem and breathe in the smoke inside the chamber. Hold this for about three seconds, then exhale.

Hits from a bong can be pretty intense, so repeating the process for first-time users might not be the best choice unless you’ve done it before. Also, don’t forget to clean your bong and replace the water before each session for the best experience.

How to Smoke Weed From a Pen?

A man smoking weed using a vape.
  1. What is a vape pen?
    In this context, a pen refers to a vaporizer, a compact, discreet device designed for vaping cannabis concentrates like oil, wax, or shatter. It’s also designed for consuming cannabis in a more health-conscious way, as the method of consumption creates vapor rather than smoke. It’s named for its slim, pen-like shape.
  2. Things You’ll Need
    You’ll need a vape pen and a cartridge of cannabis concentrate compatible with your device. Keep your charger on hand if your pen has a rechargeable battery.
  3. Preparation
    First, ensure your vape is fully charged. Attach the cartridge of cannabis concentrate securely to your vape pen. It should be tight enough not to come loose, but not so tight that it might damage the threading.
  4. The Process
    Turn on the vape pen, usually by pressing the button five times. Wait for the pen to heat up; many pens signal readiness with a light. Once heated, put the mouthpiece to your lips, press the button, and inhale slowly. Don’t draw too hard, as this can cause the oil to enter your mouth. Hold the vapor in your lungs for a moment before exhaling.

Take a small puff first and wait for the effects to set in. Take another hit if you feel comfortable. Once finished, turn off the pen by pressing the button again.

Why Use a Grinder When Smoking Weed?

Using a grinder helps break the cannabis flower into smaller, more manageable pieces. Thai uniform consistency allows for even eating and a smoother smoke, enhancing the efficiency and potency of your experience.

A finely ground stash rolls better into a pipe or vaporizer. Without a grinder, you might end up with chunks of weed that burn too quickly on the outside and not at all on the inside. This leads to waste and a sub-optimal smoking experience.

General Tips for Smoking Weed

The first few times you smoke weed, it can feel like wandering through a maze; it’s easy to get lost and hard to know if you’re doing it right. So, aside from the information above, here are some tips to make your experience smoother.

  1. Inhale the smoke deeply rather than letting it fill your mouth. Follow it up with a breath of fresh air without releasing the smoke to get the full effect.
  2. Always share the joint or bowl when smoking in a group. After taking a hit, pass it on to the next person.
  3. Pace yourself and observe your reaction after each puff. Know your limits. It’s perfectly fine to pass if you feel too high or uncomfortable.
  4. If you’ve consumed too much and feel overly high, relax and distract yourself with activities. Remember, the feeling is temporary.
  5. Coughing is a normal reaction when you first start smoking weed. Keep water nearby to soothe your throat if needed.
    To avoid coughing, take smaller hits, inhale slowly, and exhale gradually. Keeping yourself hydrated also helps.
  6. Most importantly, treat smoking weed as a responsible and enjoyable experience.

Where To Buy Weed in Sacramento, California?

Now that you’re prepared to embark on your own smoking experience, the first thing you might be wondering is where to buy weed in Sacramento, California.

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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, smoking weed can be an exciting and personal journey. But by following the tips and processes mentioned above, you can have a comfortable first-time smoking experience or an enhanced overall smoking experience.

Just remember to approach each session with a positive mindset, respect the herb, and listen to how your body reacts to the process. Whether you choose to smoke a joint, blunt, bowl, bong, or vape pen, always prioritize safety, moderation, and responsible consumption.

And if you’re in Sacramento, California, we at Ounce KIngs are here to provide you with a convenient and reliable source for your cannabis needs.

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